South Carolina man accused of drunk driving after hitting a tree

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Many individuals across the country have been accused of a crime following a car accident. This is often the case if the situation involves a single car that has gone off the road. Facing charges for drunk driving can be challenging and can affect an individual in various ways. A South Carolina man was recently arrested is being accused of DUI following a recent accident under similar circumstances.

According to the South Carolina Highway Patrol, the man ran his SUV off the road and hit a tree. His wife and two children were with him in the vehicle, and although police say that no one was wearing a seat belt at the time, each of them suffered only minor injuries in the process. He was arrested and is now facing multiple charges, along with driving under the influence of alcohol, in relation to the accident

So far there has been no report of the performance of field sobriety tests or other means that would determine whether he may have been intoxicated at the time. A conviction requires sufficient evidence to support similar charges. An individual may find it beneficial to have knowledge of the process during this period, but this can be difficult to navigate alone.

When an individual is accused of drunk driving, he or she may wish to seek assistance early on. When facing a similar situation, people in South Carolina often speak with an experienced attorney for advice during such a difficult period. A defense attorney can evaluate the circumstances revolving around the incident and help an individual form a strategy to obtain the best outcome possible.

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