Teacher facing charges for drug crimes in South Carolina

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Clearly, being accused of a crime can have a negative impact on a person in various ways. Individuals who are facing charges for drug crimes often experience difficultly in many different areas of life, including employment and/or reputation. These areas are important to many individuals who often seek to protect themselves when forced to face a similar circumstance. A high school teacher was recently arrested and accused of drug crimes in South Carolina.

Allegedly, authorities believed the teacher to be under the influence of a controlled substance while on campus at a local high school. Police claim to have found pills and two glass pipes on the woman at the time. She was arrested on site and charged with possession of drugs and drug paraphernalia.

She was placed on administrative leave from work following the incident. Authorities also claim that she admitted to the administration that she had forged a medical document. After she was confronted with the evidence, she reportedly resigned from her position as a teacher. Actions made and words spoken during this period can have a significant impact on the outcome, and a person may find it beneficial to seek legal counsel early on to avoid making the situation worse.

Facing accusations for drug crimes can be challenging to overcome. Many individuals in South Carolina seek a criminal defense attorney when facing a similar situation, for advice on the best way to proceed. By seeking the advice of an experienced attorney before responding to accusations, a strong defense can be formed to challenge charges, which may assist a person in protecting important areas in his or her life.

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