Police officer loses job following accusations of drunk driving

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Countless individuals over the years have lost out on employment opportunities on account of accusations for driving under the influence. For police officers, simply being accused of drunk driving can be stressful and shameful. Officers who are terminated following an arrest may also experience difficulty finding future employment in a related field. A former police officer in South Carolina may experience similar challenges after he was recently arrested and accused of driving under the influence while on duty.

According to reports, the on-duty officer was forced to undergo field sobriety tests taken out by the South Carolina Highway Patrol. They also claim to have found a container of alcohol within his vehicle. He was taken into custody following the event and faces charges for DUI and transporting alcohol in a motor vehicle with the seal broken. His employment has reportedly been terminated following a disciplinary board hearing in relation to the event.

Similar charges can have a lingering affect on an accused individual. In this case, the officer was apparently fired before a conviction was obtained. Employment and reputation are important areas for countless individuals across the country, many of which seek to protect themselves from a potentially devastating outcome when facing criminal accusations.

Individuals who are accused of drunk driving often choose to seek legal counsel for assistance in the subsequent process. A defense attorney in South Carolina can examine all evidence against the accused individual and advise him or her on the best course of action to take moving forward. A strong defense may prove extremely beneficial to an individual who is seeking to obtain the best outcome possible with regards to the future.

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