Assistant principal retires following drunk driving accusations

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Dashboard cameras are a common sight in law enforcement vehicles on South Carolina roads. These cameras are often used to record events that take place during traffic stops and arrests. Although they can record the current situation, they cannot explain the various circumstances that might apply accordingly. A South Carolina man has been arrested after allegedly failing drunk driving tests performed in front of a dash cam.

An assistant principal at a local high school was recently stopped by authorities at a nearby gas station. Apparently suspicious of his intoxication, they began to administer field sobriety tests. They say he failed to perform in an acceptable manner. The tests took place in clear view of a dash cam inside a police car.

Even if the man was unable to perform the tests to the satisfaction of arresting officers, there are numerous reasons for behavior similar to intoxication. Medical conditions and prescription drugs can cause a person to exhibit similar signs, as can a general lack in balance. Other avenues of evidence might be required in a similar situation before sufficient evidence exists for a finding of guilt for driving under the influence of alcohol.

Drunk driving charges can have a devastating impact on an accused individual. In this case, the man has already chosen to retire from his position following his arrest. A person in South Carolina who is accused of such a crime will often seek to protect important areas of life by seeking guidance from an attorney. A defense attorney can advise a client on the possible consequences he or she might face and assist in pursuing the best outcome achievable given the situation at hand.

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