Pharmacy technician accused of embezzlement of public funds

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Businesses in South Carolina and across the country often entrust employees with monetary responsibilities. When a business owner discovers any financial discrepancies, he or she may begin looking for someone to blame. Many individuals have been accused of a crime under similar circumstances. A pharmacy technician in South Carolina has been accused of embezzlement following a recent audit at the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC).

The woman was a pharmacy technician at the university at the time. An auditor at MUSC claims to have discovered that certain funds were missing, and subsequently reported her to public safety. According to the auditor, she allegedly stole over $10,000 in funds over a two year period. She was arrested and charged with embezzling public funds, and is reportedly out on bail while awaiting a court date.

No information was given that would suggest how the auditor linked the woman to the stolen funds, such as exactly how and where the funds were transferred. If convicted of embezzlement, she would face time behind bars and a significant fine in accordance with the amount stolen. According to reports, she has already lost her position at the university in relation to the charges against her.

Individuals who are charged with embezzlement will likely find it beneficial to obtain legal counsel before responding to allegations. By speaking with an attorney, a person in South Carolina can obtain guidance and assistance for the road ahead. An attorney can thoroughly examine the situation and inform a client of the potential outcome, and advise him or her on the best course of action to take during criminal proceedings.

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