Cashier accused of credit card fraud and identity theft

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It seems as though South Carolina and the rest of the country are becoming an increasingly cash-less society. Nevertheless, despite more complex security measures, identity theft and credit card fraud continue to be serious issues. In many places, one need only scribble an illegible signature to approve a purchase. Even when consumers are cautious to protect their credit cards and passwords, a moment of inattention can mean devastation for a person’s finances and credit score.

A man purchased gas at a local convenience store. He paid inside the establishment using his credit card. When the transaction was complete, the cashier allegedly returned a different credit card to the customer, a switch the customer did not notice until sometime later.

Meanwhile, surveillance video apparently shows the cashier using the customer’s credit card to purchase $1,200 worth of merchandise at a nearby Walmart. Later, she allegedly went to a hotel and reportedly paid for a room using the customer’s credit card and signature. The woman now faces charges of forgery and credit card theft, as well as two counts of identity fraud.

Investigations into identity theft and other white collar crimes are complex, and those in South Carolina who face such charges would do well to secure the representation of a skilled and experienced defense attorney. Convictions for white collar crimes may result in stiff fines and possibly incarceration. By contacting an attorney as soon as possible after an arrest, one can begin immediately to build a strong defense in an attempt to reach the most positive resolution for the circumstances.

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