Teacher in South Carolina accused of multiple drug charges

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A conviction for drug-related charges can have a significant impact on various areas of a person’s life, personal and professional alike. Along with the potential of spending time behind bars, those convicted of charges such as distribution may also find it challenging to obtain employment in certain fields. A kindergarten teacher is facing multiple drug charges following her recent arrest in South Carolina.

Police claim that an investigation discovered that the woman had repeatedly used false signatures to obtain a prescription drug. This particular narcotic, a generic form of Adderall, is a schedule II controlled substance. According to authorities, she allegedly used a false doctor’s signature to obtain the narcotic from two separate pharmacies on multiple occasions.

She has reportedly been released on bond and is facing as many as six different drug charges. While the school at which she is employed is not currently in session, if her case is still pending by the time it reopens its doors, she may be placed on administrative leave until further notice. If convicted, she will face serious penalties that could affect her employment, and even potentially cause her to experience issues obtaining a position within a similar field in the future.

Those who wish to protect themselves of potentially catastrophic consequences often seek to challenge drug charges, but the process can be difficult to navigate. When facing a similar circumstance, a person may choose to speak with an attorney for guidance for the road ahead. A defense attorney can advise a client in South Carolina of the potential consequences and outcomes he or she may face and subsequently assist in pursuing the most favorable outcome achievable given the situation.

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