1 facing drug charges after allegedly tossing substance from car

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Drivers who attempt to evade a traffic stop not only place themselves in danger, but they may also but the safety of everyone nearby at risk. In addition, authorities may often become increasingly suspicious of criminal activity whenever a police chase occurs. A 32-year-old man is facing drug charges after an alleged incident that is said to have recently taken place under similar circumstances in South Carolina.

According to reports, police recently attempted to initiate a traffic stop for undisclosed reasons when the driver suddenly began to flee. During this period, they also claim to have witnessed the driver toss something out the window, which was allegedly an unspecified amount of marijuana. They also say the man hit another vehicle at some point during the chase.

Authorities assert they were finally able to catch up to him and place him under arrest. He is reportedly facing numerous charges in relation to the alleged incident, including traffic offenses and a drug charge. It is unclear if the latter is in relation to the substance that was allegedly tossed from the vehicle or if any other illegal drugs were uncovered during the process.

Those who face drug charges may often feel somewhat intimidated or overwhelmed by their current situation, potentially sparking a need for guidance in the subsequent process. By speaking with an experienced attorney, a client in South Carolina may obtain advice to help him or her make informed decisions throughout this stressful period. A defense attorney can examine the incident in question, along with the charges and evidence against the client, and assist in pursuing the best outcome possible moving forward.

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