Man charged in murder of missing South Carolina woman

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On Feb. 15, authorities arrested a South Carolina man for allegedly murdering a woman who had been missing since late last year. In addition to murder, he has been charged with the destruction or desecration of human remains.

According to Bennettsville police, the woman’s husband reported her missing. He said that he had not seen her since Nov. 18. Officers initiated a search and located human remains in Marlboro County. An autopsy performed at the Medical University of South Carolina confirmed that the remains belonged to the missing woman. An investigation concluded that the defendant killed the woman in Bennettsville on Nov. 19. He then placed her body in a wooded area near Syrian Road.

The defendant is being held at the Marlboro County Detention Center. A bond hearing has not yet been conducted. The South Carolina State Law Enforcement Division and the Marlboro County Sheriff’s Department assisted in the investigation.

Murder charges are the most serious crime an individual can face in South Carolina. If convicted, a defendant can be sentenced to decades of incarceration, life in prison or even the death penalty. Therefore, it is critical for a defendant charged with murder to seek the representation of a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. An attorney experienced in defending clients who have been charged with violent crimes could protect a defendant’s rights throughout the legal process, including during police questioning. The attorney could also carefully investigate the alleged crime and work to create a compelling defense against the charges. In some cases, an attorney may recommend negotiating a plea deal with prosecutors that allows the defendant to plead guilty to a lesser charge, which could reduce the penalties.

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