Two dozen people charged in drug investigation

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A drug investigation in three South Carolina counties resulted in more than 100 charges against 24 people. The investigation began in 2016 and is still ongoing. Law enforcement reports that wiretapping was a significant tool in the investigation. A press release from the state attorney general’s office refers to the operation as “Gimme the Loot.”

A bond hearing was held on March 5. Among the charges faced by the 22 men and two women are money laundering, trafficking marijuana, trafficking methamphetamine, trafficking crack, trafficking cocaine and trafficking heroin.

Allegedly, at least one of the charges for heroin possession is also linked to a death by heroin overdose. Some of the people charged had extensive records of prior convictions. State officials praised the cooperation of multiple law enforcement agencies at different levels while the sheriff of Marion County named stopping illegal drugs as a major priority.

People who are facing drug charges, whether they are for possession or more serious charges such as trafficking and distribution, may have a number of questions about what they should do and what happens next. An attorney may be able to assist with some of those questions. A drug conviction even for possession can have significant repercussions on a person’s life. However, an attorney might have suggestions regarding a person’s defense. Evidence that was obtained illegally might be thrown out, and this could lead to the dismissal of the case. It might be possible to prove in a trial that the person was not involved with the drugs in question. Another option might be a plea bargain. This would involve forgoing a trial and pleading guilty. Usually, the plea is for reduced charges and a lighter sentence.

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