Woman killed in Mother’s Day shooting due to mistaken identity

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A South Carolina mother of three was the tragic victim of a violent crime on Mother’s Day in a case of mistaken identity. The 36-year-old woman was driving home after a Mother’s Day celebration when someone began shooting at her car. Prosecutors stated the car was shot at because it looked like another vehicle that was involved in a shootout earlier in the day. The victim’s vehicle hit a wall at a neighborhood gas station after she was shot in the neck. She was taken to the hospital, where she died a few hours later.

Police had been alerted to two cars racing down the street in a Charleston neighborhood shooting at each other. The shootout proceeded out of the residential area and onto Interstate 26, where one vehicle, a Chrysler, broke away and drove off. The woman who was shot and killed drove a vehicle similar to the one involved in the earlier shooting, and the perpetrators thought this was the car they were looking for.

Two men have now been convicted of her murder. One, a 23-year-old from North Charleston, has been convicted of murder and four counts of attempted murder. The other is an 18-year-old man, also from North Charleston, who was also charged and convicted of four counts of assault and battery. He is still awaiting sentencing on those charges.

Being charged with murder, especially at such a young age, is an incredibly serious offense that can mean spending life in jail. Facing charges such as these can be an overwhelming and confusing experience. It is a good idea for someone who has been charged with a violent crime to have a legal advocate who can provide guidance and advice during this difficult situation. An attorney with experience in criminal defense could be a tremendous support for both the defendant and his or her family during such a trying time.


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