Drug raids in South Carolina result in 6 arrests

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Police detained six individuals on charges of making and distributing drugs in the Charlotte and Rockhill areas. Approximately a dozen federal agents from the FBI and DEA conducted the raids. One of the homes was declared “unsafe for living” because chemicals used for making drugs were allegedly found within the home.

The homes searched during the raid were thought to be abandoned by neighbors, who were surprised at the sudden presence of police in the area. The drugs that were seized during the search include suspected crack, cocaine, marijuana, meth and oxycodone.

Five men and one woman were brought to a federal courthouse and appeared before a federal judge. All six individuals are facing drug charges with the intent to distribute and money laundering. Some evidence suggests that the money laundering dates back to November 2016. Five of the charged individuals could receive a federal detention of up to 10 years while one suspect could receive a minimum of 5 years. The individuals may also have fines imposed that range from six figures to several million dollars.

When conducting a drug-related search and seizure, police officers are required to follow certain procedures in order to obtain a warrant or permission to search the property and when conducting the search and seizure itself. If these procedures are not followed, the search and seizure may be illegal and thus not admissible in court. In a drug-related case, a lawyer may be able to look over the search warrant and the search and seizure procedure. If anything was found that is unconstitutional, the evidence may be inadmissible, and the case might be dismissed without trial.


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