Man charged with girlfriend’s death

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South Carolina authorities took a 25-year-old man into custody for allegedly killing his girlfriend. The man called police saying that he had woken up to find his girlfriend dead. He also told a dispatcher that there was blood everywhere at the scene and that he wanted to turn himself in. Police eventually found the man on Highway 9 and Pleasantdale Road, and at that time, he told officers that he didn’t know what had happened.

The man eventually led police to the house where he and the victim had been staying the night before. When authorities found the victim, she had multiple stab wounds. The man who was taken into custody was charged with murder as well as being in possession of a weapon while committing a crime. Furthermore, he was charged with being a fugitive from justice as he was wanted in several other states.

Those who are charged with murder or other violent crimes could face a variety of penalties if convicted. For instance, a person may spend time in jail or prison. Other possible penalties include a fine, probation or a suspended sentence. The exact sentence a person may face depends on the type of crime committed as well as the defendant’s prior criminal history.

An attorney may be able to help an individual obtain a favorable outcome in a case. This may be done by casting doubt on witness testimony or statements made by police officers before or during a trial. The veracity of physical evidence used to charge a person may also be called into question before or during a trial. A defendant might be offered a plea deal. While still a considered a criminal conviction, it may result in a lenient sentence.


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