South Carolina couple charged with embezzlement

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In South Carolina, the chief of the Asbury-Rehoboth Volunteer Fire Department in Cherokee County and his wife, who served as the department’s treasurer, were taken into custody for stealing money from the department. The couple was charged with the embezzlement of tens of thousands of dollars.

Based on information provided in the arrest warrants, the couple embezzled the money in order to make personal purchases, none of which were detailed in the warrants. Both individuals have been handed multiple charges. The 51-year-old former chief of the fire department allegedly committed the crimes over a span of 10 years, from July 2007 to August 2017. The alleged crimes by his 57-year-old wife were said to have taken place over a period of more than five years.

According to the sheriff of Cherokee County, his department was notified of the crimes after receiving tips from the members of the community. His department then requested that the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division conduct a more in-depth investigation. The former chief of the fire department was charged with embezzling public funds of at least $10,000 as well as with the breach of trust with fraudulent intent, also valued at $10,000 or more. His wife received a charge of embezzlement of public funds valued at less than $10,000 and with the breach of trust with fraudulent intent for funds that totaled at least $2,000 but less than $10,000.

A criminal defense attorney may work to assist clients who have been charged with embezzlement or other white collar crimes. The attorney may consider the facts of the case and may suggest certain legal avenues to pursue. Litigation may be used to contest the criminal charges and to exonerate clients who are innocent. Negotiation may be recommended depending on the prosecutor’s case.


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