FBI arrests former Rock Hill player for alleged drug distribution

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South Carolinians might be well aware of the harsh consequences that may ensue from drug-related criminal charges. After all, those who are facing or anticipating drug possession or other criminal charges related to heroin, cocaine, and marijuana can be in huge trouble, as may be the case for one man after his recent arrest.

A Rock Hill man, who is a former professional football player, was recently arrested by the FBI on drug distribution charges. Reportedly, the 34-year-old man was taken into custody in Rock Hill by federal agents and charged with possession of heroin with intent to distribute. He was also charged with possession with intent to distribute 100 grams or more of a mixture containing heroin. However, the former player denied the accusations against him in a federal court hearing last week. According to court records, he has previous South Carolina convictions for weapons charges, drug possession, resisting arrest, DUI, and failure to have a required ignition lock system in a vehicle.

Prosecutors allege the man committed violations of federal laws that bar a person from manufacturing, storing, distributing, or using controlled substances in communities and places of business. According to federal sentencing guidelines, the charges can result in punishments of up to 40 years imprisonment if find guilty.

An accusation of criminal drug activity can be very troublesome for an alleged wrongdoer. Such charges can cause damage to an individual’s reputation, effect his or her ability to obtain and maintain a job, and, of course, threaten to tear him or her away from family for years or decades to come.

People who are facing or anticipating drug charges should be very careful about the criminal defense they choose to put forth. They should meticulously craft a defense strategy to counter an aggressive prosecution in hopes of beating the criminal charges. With the help of an equally aggressive, knowledgeable, and experienced criminal defense attorney, those who are accused of drug crimes, like the man mentioned above, may be able to reach favorable resolution or outright acquittal.


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