Man arrested with drug charges following traffic stop

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Drug abuse violations are not unusual in the United States. Every year, law enforcing authorities arrests a number of people in connection with drug crimes in different parts of the country. The data published on FBI site shows that there were 1,632,921 drug arrests in the country in 2017. It shows every 20 seconds a person is arrested for drug offenses. The number is highest among the arrests made for different crimes. South Carolina is no different.

In a recent case, Iredell County Sheriff’s officers arrested a 26-year-old man from Summerville, South Carolina with felony drug offenses. According to reports, the man was pulled over by officers for a traffic violation on Interstate 77 Northbound at Mile Marker 63. During the traffic stop, a K-9 on duty was allowed to carry out a free air sniff of the vehicle and signaled the existence and odor of narcotics in the vehicle.

Thereafter, a thorough search of the car by the officers was done which uncovered 714.3 grams of marijuana in different forms including liquid THC, gummy candies, marijuana buds, and a vacuum packaging device inside the car. The officers also found a .223 caliber rifle along with three fully loaded magazines, hooded mask, gloves, and other head coverings in the car. Officers are still investigating the case. A bond of $50,000 set for the accused’s release.

A person found guilty of drug offenses may have to face serious consequences such as heavy penalties and sentencing. It may also affect the person’s socioeconomic wellbeing after a conviction. So it is important that a person suspected of drug crimes knows the law of the state.

Although the sentences for drug possession vary subject to facts of individual cases, depending on the particulars of the cases, there may be possibilities that one does not get jail time even if they are not acquitted. The person may be ordered for a Pretrial Intervention Program, counseling and community service. Hence, a person accused of drug charges should seek aid of a criminal defense professional who may guide on available legal options and the rights given by law.


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