Facing embezzlement charges? Here are what to expect

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According to South Carolina law, white-collar crimes attract severe penalties, and embezzlement is no exception. Even before the conviction stage, embezzlement charges still have severe consequences on the accused. This case can endanger their career, reputation, and life as a whole. 

It does not matter whether they committed the offense intentionally or by chance; victims still get entangled in overwhelming legal situations. It means they need to prepare themselves in advance by understanding what they should expect from such charges. 

  • The court treats embezzlement charges as theft crimes, and the penalties depend on the amount the suspect stole 
  • Embezzlement take different situations as long as the accused hold a position of trust and had legal access to the property or funds stolen 
  • One can avoid jail time by restitution 
  • There are still numerous defenses that can help out even if the case is very complicated 
  • The charges can have severe consequences for the accused apart from the normal consequences that you face when found engaging in crime. 

The law states that persons managing property should not embezzle it in any way. If they are found guilty of the charges, they will face the following consequences. 

  • Fines that are proportional to the property stolen 
  • Prison time of between five to ten years 
  • Disqualification from holding a position in an office 

Sometimes, a prosecution may mistake an innocent mistake act for embezzlement. The prosecution must prove that the accused had the intention to steal. It includes determining the existence of a relationship, and the accused took the property or gave it to someone else without permission. 


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