Domestic violence cases and one’s reputation

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Those accused of domestic violence face a wide range of setbacks, from unfavorable outcomes during custody disputes to time behind bars. However, the damage that one incurs in terms of their reputation is often significant, especially in the digital age. Many people lose friends and the support of their family members, while others are let go from their job or struggle to find work because of their record.

People with a prominent position in the community, such as local politicians and religious leaders, are especially vulnerable when these challenges arise. Worse, some are accused of domestic violence even though they are completely innocent.

Protecting your name

If you are accused of domestic violence, it is imperative to handle the case appropriately in order to protect your name. If you are innocent, or if certain details are blown out of proportion or fabricated, it is crucial to present your side of the story in court effectively. Our law firm knows that it is often hard for people to prepare for court when they are in this position, but your future and your reputation are at stake.

Reviewing strategies

Those who are facing domestic violence charges need to carefully review their legal options and go over strategies to increase their odds of a better outcome in court. Our law firm realizes the various hurdles that people have to overcome during these cases, especially if they are working through other legal matters such as a difficult divorce. Please review our website to find even more information about domestic violence charges and related topics.


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