Overcoming the challenges of finding a job with a criminal background

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People make mistakes. It’s very likely that there are people all around you who have misdemeanors and felonies, but you may never have thought to ask.

If you have a criminal background, you may find that it is harder to find a job. Before you give up, it’s important to note that there are many ways you can make your job search easier. There are programs to help people with felonies find work as they come out of prison, for example, and there are some employers who are known for hiring people regardless of their backgrounds.

If you have a felony on your record, be realistic about your job prospects, but don’t think you’ll never work again. There are steps you can take to make yourself more employable.

What can you do to make yourself more employable with a criminal background?

The first step is to make sure you focus on jobs that do hire people with criminal backgrounds. Then, when you apply, talk to the person taking the application. If it’s a manager or the hiring employer, tell them about your background and explain that you’re looking for work.

When you do this, you should always dress for the job you want. If you are trying to get into business, wear a suit. If you want to show that you can fit into a construction team’s workplace culture, wear a button-down top and slacks with boots. You want to show that you’re prepared to work and understand what it takes to fit in with this company’s culture.

Another tip is to think about jobs that you can do as a trade skill. These are always in high-demand, so even with a criminal background, you may be able to secure a job. For example, working in computer programming or as an auto body technician means you will have a larger job pool to choose from and more employers who are likely to hire you for your skills. Education is key in this case.

You can overcome the challenges of finding a job with a criminal background, especially as time passes from the conviction.


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