Are all the “drug laws” even working?

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When new drug laws are proposed, they are often done so with the idea that the new law will somehow eliminate (or greatly reduce) illicit drug use. In turn, people are led to believe, that will reduce drug crime, addictions and overdose deaths.

But is this true? Do drug laws even make a difference? Are all of the drug laws in place even working at all?

Drug use continues despite the laws

The reality is that drug use continues to happen, despite all laws saying that it is illegal. Some have gone so far as saying that “decades of criminalization has done little to nothing to stop the country’s drug problem.” They also point out that the opioid epidemic is very real, and growing, despite the fact that many people who are caught up in it are also using these prescription drugs in an illegal fashion. 

What this type of critique alludes to is the fact that drug addiction is often what leads to extensive use. Someone who became addicted to painkillers after a doctor over-prescribed them doesn’t just shake that addiction the moment the prescription runs out. Increasing jail time and other penalties won’t have any impact on them. They’re not using drugs because they want to use them, but because they’re addicted, and that does not change based on the law. 

What are your options if you’re facing a drug charge?

The good news is that you may have other options, such as a drug treatment program. That program will be designed to actually assist you in the ways that you need. This is why you need to carefully look into every legal option when facing charges. Never assume an arrest only means jail time or fines.


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