Does your criminal record matter in today’s job market?

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If you have a conviction on your criminal record, it may have an influence on your job opportunities. It’s important that you realize this because the way you apply for jobs and make your first impression on potential employers matters so much more when you have a criminal background.

Although it may be harder to get a job with a criminal record, it’s not impossible. Being employable is about more than your record. It’s also about choosing a job that wouldn’t be influenced by your record or by getting skills that are in demand despite your record.

Searching for a job with a criminal record

If you will be searching for a job with a criminal record, then you should first look for jobs that have no background check or that accept people with a criminal history. For example, many new work-from-home jobs allow all kinds of people to work for them, because there is no office environment or risk to the employer.

Another option is to become a freelancer. For instance, if you are a skilled mechanic who can’t find a job, you could open your own garage to offer your services. With that process, you’ll never have to worry about a background check affecting you.

Keep in mind that the kind of job you want could be influenced by your history

Take this for example. If you get your commercial driver’s license but get a DUI, it’s much less likely (though there are exceptions) that you’ll be able to continue in that trade than others where you don’t need to drive. The kind of offense that is on your record does play a role in what you can or cannot do for a job.

Be upfront with employers

It’s reasonable to be upfront with employers. If you meet someone who is looking to fill a position, get to know them. Chat about the role if you think you’d be a good fit. Be honest about your history. Sometimes, people are willing to make exceptions when they feel comfortable with an applicant who they’ve met in person.

These are some ideas on how to get a job with a criminal record. Your record may affect your job search, but it doesn’t have to put an end to it.


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