Don’t let a DUI derail your career 

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Not only can criminal convictions cause trouble in your personal life, but they also have the potential to impact your career prospects. A DUI conviction is no exception. 

However, people are wrongly convicted of criminal offenses all the time. Even if you have made a mistake a number of years ago, should this be held against you forever? Outlined below are some of the key ways that a DUI conviction could impact your career. These give an indication as to why it is so important to defend yourself when facing DUI charges. 

In South Carolina, you are employed at-will

Jobs in South Carolina are governed by a principle known as at-will employment. Essentially, this means that your employer can terminate you for any reason that is not explicitly disallowed by federal law. If you have been convicted or even arrested for a DUI, your employer may view your position as untenable. In fact, employers often make it a clear and unconditional term of employment contracts that anyone with criminal convictions or pending charges can face suspension or termination. 

A DUI could impact your chances of obtaining a new job

While federal law prohibits an employer from refusing to allow an application because of a prior DUI conviction, this doesn’t tell the full story. If you are a professional in the childcare industry, a medical professional, or if you work with vulnerable people, the state may be permitted to deny your access to applications in these areas. 

DUI charges and convictions can affect your career so it is crucial to defend them to the best of your ability. Gaining a firm grasp of your legal rights in South Carolina will help to ensure that this happens. 


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