Avoid these mistakes if you are out on bail 

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If you are arrested for a criminal offense, the court may set you free on bail while you await the trial and resolution of your case. However, it is important to understand that bail comes with restrictions you have to observe.

Besides the risk of incarceration during the trial period, violating the bail terms can also have serious financial consequences for the person or entity that posted your bail. Fortunately, you can avoid these repercussions while out on bail by steering clear of these mistakes:

Missing court dates

Honoring your court dates is absolutely essential if you want to stay out on bail. Missing your court date, for whatever reason, can amount to a violation of your bail conditions. There are serious consequences for this. First, you will forfeit your bond money. And second, an arrest warrant will be issued against you – and your likelihood of securing future bail is almost nil.

Traveling out of the state or the country

A bail may grant you freedom while on trial. But this does not mean that you can always go where you want, whenever you want. Depending on the nature of the offense you have been charged with, your bail terms might prohibit you from traveling or hanging out with certain people. 

If you have to travel, say for medical purposes, be sure to seek approval from the court as well as your bail bondsman. The last thing you want while out on bail is to be branded a fugitive. 

While err is to human, some mistakes have more far-reaching consequences than others. Find out how you can avoid costly mistakes and defend yourself when charged with a crime.  


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