The potential impact of a DUI conviction on your college career

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If you are convicted of DUI, the consequences are more than what the court imposes. For example, if you are in college, you may face additional penalties that impact your education and future. 

Knowing the potential cost of a DUI while in college will help you understand why avoiding this is best. Here’s what can happen:

Suspension or expulsion

Universities and colleges have codes of conduct that include penalties for students when they are convicted of a crime while on campus. The penalties for the infractions depend on the severity of the situation and if the local police catch you driving while intoxicated. A suspension may be issued for a first offense and for subsequent issues, you may be expelled. 

Loss of financial aid

DUI convictions may not cause you to lose federal loans or grants; however, they can impact other funding sources. One example is a private organization or school organization. These may pull your scholarship if you are convicted of a DUI (or any crime). Also, some schools will revoke your ability to play on sports teams, which can impact those with athletic scholarships. 

Limited academic opportunities in the future

Even if your school doesn’t take any disciplinary action against you, having a DUI conviction may cause issues for your future school plans. For example, a background check may be done if you want to go to graduate school to become a doctor or lawyer. If you have a DUI conviction, your application may be denied. 

Protecting your rights to a full college education

Being convicted of DUI has serious consequences. Protecting yourself and your rights requires you to build a solid defense against the charge if you find yourself in this situation. Legal guidance is wise.


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