Are painkillers addictive?

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Painkillers are very common, and they serve a lot of useful purposes. This goes beyond simple things like aspirin that help with a headache. Opioids are a type of painkiller that can be used after surgical procedures because they are so powerful that they can help people who are dealing with a severe level of pain.

Unfortunately, the reality is that these opioids are highly addictive. Someone who uses them can quickly find themselves unable to stop that use. This most often happens when people use them for a sustained amount of time, but it can also happen even when they only use them for a short time. Everyone is different and opioids are incredibly powerful, so it’s difficult to predict how people will react.

An epidemic in America

In fact, opioid addiction has gotten so serious that there are those who call it an epidemic. It is responsible for many overdose deaths every year. This is why the authorities have been cracking down on illegal use and trying to stop the distribution of these drugs.

But many of the people who are using the drugs would prefer not to be. They probably started using them in a completely safe and legal fashion, as directed by their doctor. But now they’ve become addicted and they can’t stop even if they wanted to, thanks to the psychological and physical symptoms that it creates.

This means that someone can be the victim of addiction and then end up being arrested for serious drug charges. Since it is the addiction itself that put them in this position, it’s very important for them to understand all of the legal defense options that they have.


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