2 mistakes to avoid when facing a drug charge

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Drug possession, intent to distribute, manufacturing and trafficking are serious offenses in South Carolina. The state provides residents with a list of controlled substances to keep them informed. Anyone caught with any of these substances may be accused of a drug crime.

However, being charged doesn’t mean you can’t fight the penalties, be it fines or a jail term. But mistakes can work to your disadvantage.

The following are two mistakes to avoid when facing a drug charge.

Not taking the case seriously

A drug charge in South Carolina may be a misdemeanor or felony. Regardless of the class of your case, you should take it seriously because it may have major consequences on your life. In addition to fines and jail time, the offense may result in a criminal record that may limit your employment opportunities, housing options and education programs, among others.

Drug charges are serious and should be handled as so. Learn more about your case and get help to protect your record.

You should also stay calm and avoid posting about the case on social media.

Talking to the police without professional help

When you are charged with a drug crime, it may not be wise to talk to the police without professional guidance at any stage of the case. Although you need to cooperate with the police, what you say may be used to incriminate you, whether you are innocent or not.

However, should you decline to talk this should be done respectfully. A statement like “Officer, I don’t wish to answer that” is polite yet states your decision.

Drug charges can lead to significant penalties. If you have been accused of a drug crime, an expert can examine your case to determine the best defense strategies.   


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