When can your prescription drugs lead to a criminal charge?

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A legitimate prescription allows you to access the medication you need. However, in some instances, despite having the drugs legally, you may get into trouble. Prescription drugs help treat illnesses; however, some, including painkillers, sedatives and stimulants, are often misused. For this reason, they are controlled like other drugs.

Here are three ways your prescription drugs can lead to a criminal charge:

Switching bottles

Some people switch medicines to portable bottles, toiletry bags or even in the pocket, especially those packaged in large containers. While this may be convenient, it is unlawful. If the police find you with drugs in a container without the proper label or prescription, they may arrest you. 

The information included in a prescription bottle label depends on the pharmacy, but most will include: 

  • Your name 
  • The medicine’s name 
  • Dosage 
  • Instructions 
  • The pharmacy’s name, address and phone number

You should avoid improper storage of prescription medication, as it can be challenging to prove to a police officer that you got the drugs legally.

Sharing drugs

When you have a prescription, you should only use it to get drugs for yourself. Sharing drugs or using your prescription to get drugs for another person is a mistake that can get you into trouble. Avoid giving your drugs to other people, even if they have a prescription. You should also not take someone else’s drugs when you run out. 

Carrying someone else’s drugs

Of course, your loved one can forget their drugs and ask you to carry them. However, this may not be the best way to help them. If possible, they should return to where they left the drugs and get them. If you are caught with someone else’s drugs, you can face penalties.

If you are facing a drug charge related to prescription drugs, it may be time to seek experienced legal guidance to defend yourself.


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