Is Delta 9 legal in South Carolina?

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South Carolina remains one of the hard-liner states when it comes to legalizing any form of marijuana use, whether for recreational or medical purposes.

But what about the hemp-derived Delta 9 products that fall under the Farm Bill of 2018? Are they legal to use, possess, sell and buy?

It depends on your location

Here in York County, law enforcement takes the lead from the feds regarding the legality of Delta 9 products. As long as they remain compliant with the provisions of the Farm Bill and contain no more than.3% THC dry weight, there should be no problem.

However, if you should have the misfortune to get caught in Greenville County with those same products, you could face arrest and prosecution.

Why the confusion?

Sometimes it seems as if lawmakers set people up for trouble by enacting laws that are out of sync with the rest of the state. Those lawmakers in Greenville County take the approach that if the products in question can alter your mood or state of mind, they are considered illegal substances. Those caught buying, selling and using them have been arrested in undercover drug stings.

Did you get caught up in a Delta 9 drug sting?

The confusion surrounding the legal status of these products has landed some South Carolinians in legal hot water. If you find yourself in a similar unfortunate situation regarding Delta 9, you should take the matter very seriously.

Learning all you can about the laws governing Delta 9 products under the Farm Bill can help you mount a vigorous defense against the charges you face. Remember to preserve your constitutional rights against self-incrimination and never answer police questions until you have the opportunity to speak to your defense counsel.


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