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Man pleads guilty to money laundering with Bitcoin purchases

When individuals are facing allegations of white-collar crimes, a lot is typically at stake. Carefully built careers can be ruined, and rebuilding one's reputation may seem impossible. It is not uncommon for prosecutors to add charges of money laundering to just about any other charge in order to increase penalties. A South Carolina man recently entered a guilty plea on money laundering charges related to drug trafficking.

South Carolina couple faces charges of criminal conspiracy

On March 31, a Charlotte couple accused of cheating homeowners out of $660,000 was arrested on seven charges, including criminal conspiracy and breach of trust. The husband and wife allegedly kept funds given to them for home building projects instead of providing this money to subcontractors. Many of the homes were not completed or were left incomplete.

South Carolina bust sees 5 women charged with sex crimes

Being charged with a sex crime is a serious thing that can follow you for life, even if you are not actually found guilty or sentenced. In fact, just the accusation of committing a sex crime can cause damage to your reputation and haunt future educational and occupational prospects. The charge can be filed for things such as falling asleep nude in your own bedroom while a minor is in the home or for allegedly slapping someone's backside. It is common for trumped up charges to appear when it comes to crimes of this nature.

Columbia man charged with embezzlement of public funds

White collar crimes are among the most serious offenses a person can commit, and convictions can lead to prolonged prison sentences. Many people charged with embezzlement, fraud and similar crimes are arrested for something they have done at work. Frequently, they are unaware that their actions were in violation of any laws. Maybe they were asked to perform the work by a superior, or an employer placed a greater responsibility on the person than was reasonable. No matter how the situation arises, it is important for people suspected of white collar crimes in South Carolina to pursue a criminal defense in order to protect themselves and their future.

South Carolina sheriff charged with fraud

White collar crimes are among the most serious of offenses a person can be charged with. Some of these crimes are felonies, and they can result in long prison sentences, heavy fines and other penalties. Those convicted of white collar crimes may find the effects are even more far reaching than those associated with the standard felony charge. Often those accused are used to set an example by government agencies. However, because they involve a person's intent, they may be among the more difficult crimes to prove.

Vulnerable South Carolina residents targeted in mail fraud

Advances in technology have happened at an accelerated rate and have impacted every aspect of people's lives. As a result of advances in medical treatment people are living for far longer than they once did. It has recently been alleged that a group of individuals put these two together and conspired to commit wire and mail fraud, by way of lottery scams, targeting vulnerable elderly South Carolina residents.

Accusations of sex crimes may damage South Carolina man

Working as part of the correctional facility and justice system can be a very rewarding profession. Allegations of any sex crimes can be detrimental to someone who works for the law. Recent reports in South Carolina claim that a correctional officer is currently being investigated after such accusations were made against him.

DNA sampling for criminal suspects approved by US Supreme Court

When it comes to sex crimes, DNA testing and evidence is absolutely vital to the investigation process. Law enforcement must still abide by the processes to obtain DNA samples from suspects; but it is inherent to the conversation. Given the very serious nature of sex crimes, this is both a curse and a blessing for everyone involved. DNA evidence can eliminate certain suspects from the equation, while also giving the victim of the terrible crime the security in knowing the right person was caught.

South Carolina woman accused of using Craigslist for fraud

Whenever someone is accused of fraud, it's important to be able to refute the charges if you feel like you are being wrongly accused. Sometimes someone's actions could have been a simple misunderstanding, instead of a malicious attempt to bilk someone out of money. No matter what the charges, though, the accused needs to be guaranteed the right to a fair trial. 

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