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South Carolina businessman facing felony sexual misconduct charge

Reports indicate that a South Carolina businessman and community leader was charged with sexual misconduct against a minor, and he was detained on Aug. 25. The alleged incident may have led to him leaving his position in a local business group.

Multiple sex crime charges dropped against Darlington man

People charged with a sex crime in South Carolina are in danger of having the rest of their lives compromised by a conviction. In addition to jail time, the sex offender registry can cause troubles for years to come. For this reason, it is important to build a strong criminal defense and attempt to clear one's name. South Carolina, like all states in the U.S., has its own policies for handling those suspected of sex crimes. Understanding state law and the legal process for a particular criminal charge is the first step toward avoiding prison and sex-offender registration.

Man faces sex crime charges in South Carolina and Oklahoma

Sexual offenses can result in serious criminal punishment, including time in prison. Once released, people in South Carolina convicted of sex crimes must also register as sex offenders, which can make it difficult to find housing, employment or enjoy a peaceful life.

Man accused of sex crimes arrested on warrant in South Carolina

Being convicted of any crime can be overwhelming and can force people to make some unwise decisions. However, running from the law could potentially make any current charges worse and could lead to additional time added to a possible prison sentence. A man was recently detained in South Carolina after apparently hiding from police once he was accused of sex crimes.

Accusations of sex crimes may damage South Carolina man

Working as part of the correctional facility and justice system can be a very rewarding profession. Allegations of any sex crimes can be detrimental to someone who works for the law. Recent reports in South Carolina claim that a correctional officer is currently being investigated after such accusations were made against him.

Arrests on sex offenses continue to be fed by Internet sources

The Internet continues to provide a steady flow of individuals caught trying to meet underage women through that not-so-private but immensely popular medium. South Carolina sentencing of offenders on various sex offenses largely related to Internet activities took place recently in several cases in the state. The South Carolina Attorney General issued a statement summarizing the arrests and the sentences.

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