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Disturbance call leads to drug charges for man in South Carolina

Being convicted of a drug-related crime can affect several different areas of a person's life. Even if the charges are less severe, loss of employment and/or reputation in the community can be difficult to overcome. People often seek to protect these areas of life when facing drug charges, but many find the process to be complex, prompting a need to seek legal counsel. This may be the case for a deputy coroner who is facing multiple charges in South Carolina.

Man wanted on meth distribution charge in South Carolina

There are varying degrees of drug charges, most of which can seriously alter a person's life. Even if a resulting conviction does not result in jail time, it can have a very negative effect on the future. This can be especially true for a crime as serious as meth distribution. Residents of South Carolina who are suspected of drug crimes may find it beneficial to seek help in defending against the charges.

Drug charges filed against school board member and companion

When South Carolina residents face accusations of drug crimes, the consequences can be serious. However, not all drug charges lead to time behind bars. With competent legal counsel, and depending on the nature of the allegations, other options such as pre-trial intervention may be explored. This intervention program can clear an accused person's record of drug offenses upon completion of community service, fee payments and counseling.

Federal grand jury indicts inmate alleging drug crimes

Accusations of continuing his criminal activities while he was behind bars were made against a 28-year-old inmate of a correctional institution in South Carolina. He is one of 15 prisoners who were indicted on alleged drug crimes by a federal grand jury last month. This is certainly not an enviable position in which to be, and the accused man will likely be considering his defense options at this time.

Headlight violation leads to several drug charges

It is important for South Carolina residents to know their legal rights when they are pulled over during a traffic stop. If any drug charges follow such a stop, the accused driver has the right to retain the services of an experienced criminal defense attorney to advocate on his or her behalf. A Georgetown resident was recently stopped for a headlight violation and ended up behind bars.

Students suspected of selling marijuana-laced brownies

Two high school students in South Carolina are spending time in a juvenile detention center while waiting to learn what charges will be filed against them. According to a spokesperson for the Colleton County Sheriff's Office, the two girls are suspected of selling brownies on school grounds that were allegedly laced with marijuana. Investigators reportedly interviewed the girls, but charges are still pending.

Drug crimes allegations leads to arrest of teacher's aide

It is not uncommon for the court of public opinion to convict people long before they have had the chance to defend themselves in a court of law. This was also the experience of a teacher's aide in South Carolina. After her arrest for alleged drug crimes, she was terminated from her employment with Greenville County Schools.

Drug charges filed after search and seizure at York County home

One South Carolina man was recently arrested, and authorities are looking for a second resident of a home at which a search warrant was recently executed. Both men are said to have been convicted on drug charges before. The house search was carried out while drug enforcement officers went searching for the second man in connection with an outstanding arrest warrant.

Traffic stop leads to arrest of 2 wanted on drug charges

Shortly after midnight on a recent Sunday morning, South Carolina troopers noticed a car driving erratically on U.S. 17 toward Georgetown. They followed the car and pulled the driver over -- not realizing that the occupants were wanted on drug charges. The driver allegedly said he did not have his driver's license with him; he provided a name but said he could not remember his Social Security number. He was asked to exit the car, and troopers claim they could smell alcohol on him. Officers also said they noticed the passenger trying to hide something, but he refused to answer their questions and managed to flee the scene.

Ex-baseball player faces federal drug charges

A former South Carolina college baseball player is accused of being a drug dealer. Along with a 28-year-old friend, the 27-year-old former athlete is facing federal drug charges. Both men reportedly pleaded guilty at a recent hearing. A U.S. District Court judge accepted the guilty pleas of both men. They were found to have conspired to possess and distribute marijuana and a drug known as Molly.

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