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Drug Charges Archives

Drug possession charge follows loan application

When South Carolina residents face criminal charges, they typically look for the most appropriate way to navigate their defense. Being accused of drug possession is serious, and a conviction can have devastating consequences. The type and quantity of drugs found on an accused person typically determine the severity of the charges.

Act of revenge leads to drug charges for betrayed lover

The scorn of a South Carolina man after learning that his girlfriend was unfaithful has landed him in trouble. The 36-year-old man decided to get back at his two-timing girlfriend by spray painting "CHEETER" on her car -- it is not known whether the incorrect spelling was intentional. Officers caught him in the act and found him in possession of substances that led to drug charges.

Drug crimes allegations land 66-year-old man behind bars

Legal options exist for South Carolina residents facing criminal charges. Whether the charges involve drug crimes or other allegations of wrongdoing, the accused individual retains the right to retain a criminal defense attorney. A man from Graniteville is likely conferring with legal counsel after his recent arrest.

Drug trafficking charges follow seizure of 125 pounds of cocaine

When individuals are arrested on drug charges in South Carolina, the severity of the charges is determined by the type and quantity of the drugs confiscated. However, convictions on any drug charges -- whether it is possession or drug trafficking -- can have devastating consequences for the accused individuals. For this reason, obtaining the services of an experienced criminal defense attorney may be advantageous.

Parents fleeing with children arrested on drug charges

South Carolina police recently arrested two people who had allegedly fled with their three children after a protection order was issued in another state. When the parents were located, police reportedly found them in possession of drugs. They are now facing drug charges, and the children were placed in the custody of the Department of Social Services.

Execution of search warrants leads to several drug charges

In South Carolina and elsewhere, individuals who engage in illegal drug activities can find themselves in trouble. Activities such as possession, trafficking, selling or manufacturing of marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine and numerous other drugs can result in serious drug charges. A 33-year-old Seneca man was recently arrested by deputies from Oconee County amid drug accusations.

Police arrest 2 during traffic stop for drug trafficking

When a South Carolina K-9 deputy noticed a speeding vehicle with tinted windows on a recent Sunday morning, the car was pulled off the road. Suspicion was raised when neither the 30-year-old driver nor her 57-year-old passenger was able to produce identification. Upon investigation, the deputy established that there was an outstanding warrant for the arrest of the passenger. The warrant related to a prior drug trafficking charge.

7 South Carolina drug dealers given second chance

Seven South Carolina individuals who were caught selling drugs on hidden cameras were reportedly offered a second chance. Instead of potentially being incarcerated, those who were interested were offered the opportunity to further their education and take advantage of job training with support from the local community of Conway and law enforcement officers.

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