Protecting Your Rights Against Sex Crimes Accusations

People accused of committing a sexual offense often feel backed into a corner. Prosecutors do not like to cut deals. A conviction probably means prison time and sex offender registration. And the stigma remains even if charges are dropped or a jury acquits.

Contact our attorney immediately if you were charged with or questioned about a sex crime. Saying or doing the wrong thing can greatly harm your case. Christopher A. Wellborn, P.A., will step in to protect your rights and defend you to the fullest.

Countering Sex Offense Charges

With 30 years of criminal law experience, Rock Hill criminal defense lawyer Christopher A. Wellborn has handled sex crime cases in York, Lancaster and Chester counties and throughout South Carolina, including:

  • Criminal sexual conduct (rape)
  • Criminal sexual conduct with a minor
  • Lewd acts (fondling, exposure)
  • Statutory rape
  • Internet solicitation of a minor
  • Child pornography charges

A felony conviction for a sexual assault or a sex offense against a minor or other vulnerable person is usually a no-parole offense — you must serve 85 percent of your sentence before you can even get a parole hearing. It also means lifetime registry as a sex offender when you get out.

People accused of committing a sex offense commonly face trumped-up criminal charges. One client, if convicted, would have faced sex offender status for allegedly slapping a girl’s backside, another faced felony charges because his daughter was home when he passed out naked in his bedroom. Christopher A. Wellborn can intervene in these trumped-up cases to try to get charges dismissed or reduced.

If the case goes forward, he is a skilled trial lawyer with a background as a prosecutor; he knows how to challenge the police investigation, DNA evidence, victim testimony and other facets of the case against you. We aim to avoid a felony conviction if at all possible. If the prosecutor won’t make a reasonable plea bargain, Christopher A. Wellborn will vigorously defend you at trial.

Consult With An Experienced Attorney

Out of fear or remorse, people confronted with a sexual allegation are too quick to sign statements or volunteer to enter sex offender treatment. Call us first at 803-746-4302 to avoid the major consequences. We offer a free initial consultation.