Aggressive Defense Against Robbery Charges

If you are accused of taking property by force or threat, a conviction could put you behind bars for many years. But in most cases, the prosecution’s case is not clear-cut. It may be based on shaky identification or sloppy police work. There may be more to the story of the alleged victim.

Criminal defense attorney Christopher A. Wellborn is known for his ability to create reasonable doubt for a jury or to negotiate a favorable plea bargain that avoids or cuts down the prison sentence. He has represented people throughout South Carolina charged with committing the crime of robbery. Call our Rock Hill law firm at 803-746-4302 for a free consultation.

Challenging The Basis For Robbery Charges

We can defend clients on robbery and other related offenses:

  • Common law or strong-armed robbery: Forcibly taking property such as a purse-snatching or mugging
  • Armed robbery: Using or carrying a firearm or deadly weapon in committing a robbery, or convincing the victim you are armed
  • Aggravated robbery: Serious injury to the victim
  • Kidnapping: Family abduction or acquaintance abduction
  • Home invasion: Breaking and entering to commit robbery

Common law robbery is punishable by up to 15 years in prison. Armed robbery carries a minimum prison term of 10 to 30 years. If the prosecution has a solid case, Christopher A. Wellborn will try to negotiate a plea bargain to a lesser crime to avoid the harsh consequences of a conviction.

With 30 years of criminal law experience, Christopher A. Wellborn has been successful in challenging the evidence in pretrial motions, and before a judge and jury. Was there more than one robber and, if so, what was your role in the event? Did the victim really get a good look or give a detailed description to the police? Was the police lineup flawed?

We represented a client prosecuted for armed robbery and kidnapping; he ultimately pled guilty to a charge of trespassing because the prosecution’s case fell apart due to identification issues.

Contact A Dedicated Criminal Defense Attorney

We examine every facet of the investigation, warrant and arrest, and the victim’s credibility to prevent our clients from going down for hard time. Contact Christopher A. Wellborn for the aggressive defense you need.