Falsely Accused Of Shaken Baby Syndrome?

There is a growing trend of misdiagnosed shaken baby syndrome cases occurring in America today. Typically, a parent or caretaker is falsely accused of murdering or injuring a baby by shaking him or her, when the actual cause of the death or injury occurs from another source.

Child abuse is a serious issue and should be dealt with accordingly. However, this does not mean that innocent people should be falsely accused or convicted when their child has been seriously hurt or has died.

Former Prosecutor

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The following are the three most common misconceptions regarding shaken baby syndrome:

Myth #1: A baby can be injured due to shaking

According to current medical findings, a baby cannot be injured from shaking. Yet doctors are still being trained to look for signs of shaken baby syndrome. The reality is that other factors cause the damage currently being misdiagnosed as SBS.

Myth #2: A retinal hemorrhage is a warning sign of shaken baby syndrome

Doctors are trained to believe that a retinal hemorrhage is a sign of SBS, but retinal hemorrhages can occur from other events like CPR resuscitation and certain vaccines. The sign of one does not necessarily imply shaken baby syndrome.

Myth #3: Lucid intervals in injured babies imply SBS

There is no substantial link between lucid intervals in babies and SBS. A lucid interval is when a child receives an injury and expresses pain, then seems to regain normalcy, but this is followed abruptly by signs of serious medical problems.

Don’t Wait To Consult With A Lawyer

If you have been charged with child abuse involving shaken baby syndrome, it is important to contact an attorney knowledgeable about SBS immediately to begin gathering all necessary medical information, including medical records, ob-gyn records, birth records, X-rays and shot lists. If your child or a child you have been caring for has been injured or has passed away, you already have too much to deal with.

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