Offering A Sophisticated Defense For White Collar Crime Accusations

Prosecution of nonviolent white collar crimes has escalated in the wake of big corporate scandals and notorious investment swindles. Government agencies have devoted special investigators and new technologies to trace frauds and thefts, and make an example of those who are caught.

If you are accused of a financial crime or caught up in a fraud investigation, Christopher A. Wellborn, P.A., can provide a sophisticated defense. We aim to head off formal charges and proactively counter the government’s case to minimize the consequences of a conviction on these serious felony charges.

At our Rock Hill office, we represent the accused in York County and the surrounding communities in South Carolina. Contact us before making any statements or cooperating with investigators.

White Collar Crime Defense In South Carolina

Rock Hill white collar crime defense attorney and trial lawyer, Christopher A. Wellborn Wellborn is a former prosecutor and has practiced criminal law for 30 years. He has defended executives, professionals, employees and citizens from all walks of life accused of financial crimes, including:

A key element of any white collar prosecution is intent to defraud or deprive. We are skilled at following the paper trail and showing the other side of the story — a legitimate transaction or business practice, or no intention to deceive or personally gain from the alleged crime. One client accused of forgery, for example, was exonerated when we proved that he was cashing someone else’s check as a favor to that person.

Collateral Consequences For Those Convicted Of Federal Fraud

The fallout from convictions in federal fraud crimes is severe. When we represent you, we are not only concerned with the direct consequences of a conviction, but also the indirect results such as:

  • Second Amendment rights
  • Residency restrictions
  • It is important If you are convicted of any federal crime related to fraud, you are barred from working for or in a financial institution.

We Know What’s At Stake

We understand that careers, professional licenses and prison time are on the line. Christopher A. Wellborn, P.A., will make every attempt to have charges dismissed or negotiate a favorable plea bargain to avoid a felony conviction and prison time. We are prepared to go to trial if the prosecution’s case is weak or pleading guilty is not an option. Call 803-746-4302 to arrange a free consultation.