Providing A Strategic Defense Against Complex Bank Fraud Charges

Bank fraud continues to be a hot topic because of Ponzi schemes, bank collapses, the subprime mortgage problems and federal bailout plans. Legislators and prosecutors have been cracking down on suspicious bank activity as a way of rebuilding confidence throughout society.

As a result, the laws surrounding what defines bank fraud are constantly changing, new laws are being passed and these cases are becoming increasingly complex. At Christopher A. Wellborn, P.A., we actively stay up to date on all the changes by the United States Congress, the South Carolina legislators, and the state and federal courts as they reinterpret and change the laws concerning bank fraud. If you need skilled bank fraud defense representation, contact us today to schedule a free initial consultation.

Christopher A. Wellborn understands that these cases demand careful and technical work when it comes to evaluating evidence and structuring the best deals for plea bargains and sentencing recommendations. He has over 30 years of experience as a trial lawyer. By using his skill as a Rock Hill bank fraud lawyer, he knows how to defend charges involving:

  • Alleged mortgage fraud
  • Alleged employee theft
  • Alleged fictitious loans
  • Loan fraud involving false information provided
  • Bad loan documents based on a lender who does not exist
  • Forged checks
  • Issuing counterfeit documents
  • Embezzlement/theft
  • Money laundering

We understand that normal transactions can be misinterpreted. Christopher A. Wellborn is committed to exposing all the facts and defenses available that can help lead to a dismissal or reduction of your charges. In the event a trial is necessary, we will zealously defend you.

Your reputation, livelihood and freedom are at stake. Before you speak with anyone, speak with someone familiar with these types of state and federal cases. We can advise you on how to protect your rights and interests as well as your future.

Talk To Our South Carolina Mortgage Fraud Defense Attorney

If you or the company you work for has received a letter naming you as a subject or target of an alleged bank fraud crime, or if you have been charged in a criminal complaint or an indictment with the white collar crime of bank fraud, contact us immediately by calling 803-746-4302 to arrange a free consultation