Minimizing The Effects Of Traffic Violations On Your Driver’s License

A speeding ticket or citation for a serious traffic crime can affect your driver’s license, your insurance rates and even your freedom. Our knowledgeable representation has enabled clients to have traffic offenses dismissed or at least reduced to soften the consequences of a conviction.

If you were pulled over for a moving violation in York County or another county in South Carolina, contact the law firm of Christopher A. Wellborn, P.A. We know how to approach your case to work to avoid or minimize license suspension, fines and jail time, if convicted.

We offer a free initial consultation and welcome residents of North Carolina and other states who were cited in South Carolina. Call toll free at 803-746-4302.

Limiting The Damage From Traffic Violation Convictions

Christopher A. Wellborn has represented people facing all major and minor traffic offenses, including:

  • Speeding tickets
  • Stop sign/stop light violations
  • Failure to stop for a blue light or siren
  • School zone speeding/passing a school bus
  • Driving under a suspended license
  • Reckless driving or racing
  • Hit-and-run
  • Fleeing police
  • Reckless homicide (vehicular manslaughter)

Under South Carolina’s points system, your license can be suspended for one too many traffic citations in a certain period. An accumulation of multiple speeding tickets and/or major offenses in a three period can brand you as a habitual offender, punishable by a five-year license revocation. Any drug conviction will also result in license suspension for at least six months.

Christopher A. Wellborn is an attorney who has 30 years of criminal law experience and knows the tendencies of area judges and prosecutors. He works to get violations such as reckless driving (six points) or speeding tickets (four points) reduced to charges that will result in the lowest points possible. If you cannot afford to take any points, he can go to trial to challenge the radar accuracy or other aspects of your traffic stop.

Contact An Experienced Attorney

We also provide an aggressive defense for serious traffic crimes such as driving while suspended, which carries big fines, additional suspension and even jail time for a conviction.

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