Defending Employees Against Serious Embezzlement Charges

In South Carolina, the crime of embezzlement is known as breach of trust and involves someone being entrusted with money or property, and then that person uses those funds for personal use or benefit without approval. In many cases, businesses accuse disgruntled employees of this type of fraud when they can’t account for missing funds or assets.

At Christopher A. Wellborn, P.A., we don’t believe that this behavior by businesses should be tolerated, and we work to expose the truth. In many instances where embezzlement has been alleged, Christopher A. Wellborn careful and zealous research reveals there has been an accounting error or a bad business practice that has nothing to do with the employee.

Christopher A. Wellborn is adept at establishing that the embezzlement charge has no merit because no actual fraudulent intent by the employee accused can be proven. If you believe you are being targeted as part of an embezzlement investigation, contact us today to schedule a free consultation so we can start to take action to protect you.

Business Fraud Charges

Business fraud by employees who are thought to be committing theft, forgery or skimming is not the only situation where an embezzlement charge can originate. No matter what the circumstances are, Christopher A. Wellborn will use his experience and skill as a knowledgeable Rock Hill embezzlement defense lawyer to defend you against any theft crime or other white collar crime you are accused of by preparing thoroughly for aggressive plea negotiations or a trial, if that is your best option.

Whether you have been charged in state or federal court, we have the knowledge and tenacity to fight for your rights, your interests, your future and your freedom. We know how to negotiate with federal prosecutors, and we understand how to make solid sentencing recommendations based on state or federal guidelines.

Contact A Seasoned Theft Crime Defense Attorney In South Carolina

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