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Parole granted to innocent man, but conviction stigma remains

In November 2016, James McClurkin was released from prison after 43 years. He was convicted of a 1973 murder. When he gained his freedom, it was through parole.

McClurkin is virtually unemployable, not only because he has a murder conviction on his record, but after 40 years in prison, he has no employable skills. So what is the problem with this justice? He didn't do the crime. 

1 facing drug charges after allegedly tossing substance from car

Drivers who attempt to evade a traffic stop not only place themselves in danger, but they may also but the safety of everyone nearby at risk. In addition, authorities may often become increasingly suspicious of criminal activity whenever a police chase occurs. A 32-year-old man is facing drug charges after an alleged incident that is said to have recently taken place under similar circumstances in South Carolina.

According to reports, police recently attempted to initiate a traffic stop for undisclosed reasons when the driver suddenly began to flee. During this period, they also claim to have witnessed the driver toss something out the window, which was allegedly an unspecified amount of marijuana. They also say the man hit another vehicle at some point during the chase.

Deputy in South Carolina arrested on suspicion of drunk driving

Police officers may often be held to a higher standard than others when it comes to suspicion of criminal activity. When facing accusations for a crime such as driving under the influence of alcohol, officers are often placed on administrative leave while charges are pending. A deputy is apparently experiencing such a situation after he was recently accused of drunk driving in South Carolina.

According to the South Carolina State Highway Patrol, a trooper came upon a vehicle that had veered off the road just after 3 a.m. on a recent Tuesday. The trooper claims that the vehicle had came to a rest after slamming into a tree. The driver, who is apparently a local deputy, allegedly refused to submit to a breath test and was arrested and charged with DUI soon thereafter.

Teacher in South Carolina accused of multiple drug charges

A conviction for drug-related charges can have a significant impact on various areas of a person's life, personal and professional alike. Along with the potential of spending time behind bars, those convicted of charges such as distribution may also find it challenging to obtain employment in certain fields. A kindergarten teacher is facing multiple drug charges following her recent arrest in South Carolina.

Police claim that an investigation discovered that the woman had repeatedly used false signatures to obtain a prescription drug. This particular narcotic, a generic form of Adderall, is a schedule II controlled substance. According to authorities, she allegedly used a false doctor's signature to obtain the narcotic from two separate pharmacies on multiple occasions.

Cashier accused of credit card fraud and identity theft

It seems as though South Carolina and the rest of the country are becoming an increasingly cash-less society. Nevertheless, despite more complex security measures, identity theft and credit card fraud continue to be serious issues. In many places, one need only scribble an illegible signature to approve a purchase. Even when consumers are cautious to protect their credit cards and passwords, a moment of inattention can mean devastation for a person's finances and credit score.

A man purchased gas at a local convenience store. He paid inside the establishment using his credit card. When the transaction was complete, the cashier allegedly returned a different credit card to the customer, a switch the customer did not notice until sometime later.

Traffic stop and search of home leads to drug trafficking charges

Three individuals in South Carolina have recently been arrested and are now facing multiple drug-related charges following a traffic stop and subsequent search of a residence. All of the accused are facing drug possession charges, one of which was also accused of drug trafficking. A conviction for charges of this nature is severe, and all three might be preparing for the road ahead by focusing on their defense.

Police claim to have received information indicating the sale of drugs at a local residence. They assert that a man at the residence was wearing a GPS monitoring anklet and that he was recently involved in a traffic stop, during which he allegedly attempted to give a false name. He was subsequently arrested, and while in the back of a patrol car, allegedly began chewing on a ball of cocaine. He was taken to the hospital and then into custody a day later.

Drunk driving charges against college professor dropped by city

In some cases, an individual in a position of power might use authority to make up for a lack of experience. Unfortunately, this can cause others to suffer as a result, some of whom might be unable, or even unwilling, to speak up for themselves. A college professor in South Carolina claims that inexperience led to his arrest after he was accused of drunk driving.

According to reports, the man was involved in a routine traffic stop at night after allegedly making an improper turn. He was then accused of driving under the influence. The officer claimed to have smelled alcohol on his breath and began to administer field sobriety tests. The man says that the officer was using an instruction book during the tests, and appeared to be unfamiliar with the procedures.

1 accused of sex crimes after allegedly luring woman into town

A criminal conviction is severe and can create various challenges in life. Those accused of sex crimes could face permanent registration as a sex offender and time behind bars. A South Carolina man is likely focused on his criminal defense after he was recently accused of luring a woman into the state and sexually assaulting her.

According to police, the man posed as a photographer in need of a model to meet women through online sources. He allegedly guaranteed a certain amount of profit to one woman in particular, who claims to have made the trip down after months of negotiation. After a few days, the man allegedly took her home and forced her to perform sexual acts with him while holding her hostage with threats.

Drug charges pending for day care owner and son in South Carolina

When a residence is suspected of housing drug activity, everyone who lives within could soon be under investigation. In similar scenarios, it can be difficult to determine who, if anyone, was knowingly in possession of narcotics, leading to allegations of drug crimes against numerous individuals. A day care owner is facing drug charges following the recent search of a residence in South Carolina.

Authorities claim to have received information from an anonymous source, apparently indicating suspicious activity at the house. Upon initiating a search, they allegedly uncovered less than a gram of methamphetamine. The woman and her son were subsequently accused of operating a drug house, and the son also faces charges for the distribution of methamphetamine.

Pharmacy technician accused of embezzlement of public funds

Businesses in South Carolina and across the country often entrust employees with monetary responsibilities. When a business owner discovers any financial discrepancies, he or she may begin looking for someone to blame. Many individuals have been accused of a crime under similar circumstances. A pharmacy technician in South Carolina has been accused of embezzlement following a recent audit at the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC).

The woman was a pharmacy technician at the university at the time. An auditor at MUSC claims to have discovered that certain funds were missing, and subsequently reported her to public safety. According to the auditor, she allegedly stole over $10,000 in funds over a two year period. She was arrested and charged with embezzling public funds, and is reportedly out on bail while awaiting a court date.