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August 2015 Archives

SUV driver faces DUI charge after accident with injuries

The eastbound lanes of a South Carolina highway in Clearwater had to be closed after a recent car accident involving two sports utility vehicles. The South Carolina Highway Patrol reported that the suspected DUI accident occurred shortly before midnight on a recent Monday. Troopers said the driver of one vehicle left the scene of the crash, but he was located a short time later.

White collar crimes: Residents claim driveway building scam

It is not only those moving in the circles of the rich who can find themselves accused of white collar crimes. A variety of white collar crimes charges are regularly brought against citizens from all walks of life. Those who are unfamiliar with the legal process may unknowingly damage their cases if they try to navigate their own defenses.

Teacher who is also Uber driver pleads guilty to sex crimes

Some Uber drivers have faced accusations of kidnapping and sexual misconduct in the past. A South Carolina sixth grade teacher who is also an Uber driver was recently arrested after a woman accused him of sex crimes and kidnapping. The 39-year-old man was reportedly arrested after the woman identified him during a lineup.

Proposed restitution payment plan for fraud against BVU denied

A South Carolina owner of a contracting company pleaded guilty in a federal court in April and admitted to conspiracy to commit fraud. The fraud was committed against BVU and involved significant amounts of money. The sentencing took place on July 21.

Accusations of embezzlement do not constitute guilt

In some cases in which South Carolina companies cannot account for funds that have been taken out of business accounts, an employee is targeted and accused of taking the money. Such a breach of trust is known as embezzlement, and allegations can adversely affect the professional future of an employee. When a worker is accused of such misconduct, he or she may be unsure of how to handle the situation.