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July 2013 Archives

Four South Carolina residents face drug charges

Drugs and other illegal substances can be found all over the world. Whether it is grown or chemically made, any type of illegal substance can present a problem, and anyone who is accused of drug allegations may find their lives turned upside down. Suddenly someone can have their reputation ruined, relationships strained or even torn apart, along with other drastic changes that rapidly shatter their whole world. Unfortunately, this scenario may have become all too real for four South Carolina residents since they all currently face drug charges.

South Carolina man arrested for DUI and reckless homicide

Tragically, a South Carolina man was killed in a car accident on June 14. The pickup truck he was a passenger in somehow left the road and ended up in a ditch. At some point during the crash, the man was thrown from the vehicle when it flipped over. The driver of that vehicle was taken into custody after the accident and has been charged with DUI and reckless homicide.

South Carolina man is charged with sex crimes against a minor

Everyday people in South Carolina, as well as the rest of the United States, are accused of sex crimes. Whether these offenses are verbal harassment or more physical violations does not matter in the public eye. Unfortunately, even if a defendant is proven innocent of said sex crimes, their reputation and often parts of their lives are hurt or thrown upside down. Mere accusations, whether true or not, can cause unimaginable turmoil in someone's life, especially if children are involved in the accusation.

South Carolina doctor facing drug charges

A South Carolina doctor is not only facing felony DUI charges associated in the January death of a pedestrian, he is now charged with obtaining prescription drugs illegally. The doctor, employed by a family practice in Columbia, allegedly gave pharmacists prescription forms belonging to another physician. The other physician has denied any wrongdoing and denied writing the prescriptions for pain killers and sleeping pills. Those drug charges will soon be heard in a South Carolina criminal courtroom.

Arrests on sex offenses continue to be fed by Internet sources

The Internet continues to provide a steady flow of individuals caught trying to meet underage women through that not-so-private but immensely popular medium. South Carolina sentencing of offenders on various sex offenses largely related to Internet activities took place recently in several cases in the state. The South Carolina Attorney General issued a statement summarizing the arrests and the sentences.