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July 2016 Archives

Carolina woman convicted of health care fraud

Following a prior conviction of 12 people in connection with fraudulent Medicaid claims, three more were recently convicted in a federal court. One of them is a 48-year-old Charlotte resident who prosecutors reported to be the leader of the conspiracy that involved $10 million in health care fraud. The others were two 38-year-old individuals -- both from South Carolina -- one was convicted, and one pleaded guilty to health care fraud conspiracy.

Drug charges filed after search and seizure at York County home

One South Carolina man was recently arrested, and authorities are looking for a second resident of a home at which a search warrant was recently executed. Both men are said to have been convicted on drug charges before. The house search was carried out while drug enforcement officers went searching for the second man in connection with an outstanding arrest warrant.

Woman faces DUI charges after allegedly causing musician's death

The consequences of a conviction on charges related to driving while impaired can be serious. If an accident was caused in which there was a loss of lives, the impact would be even more severe. A woman from Myrtle Beach who is facing multiple charges is likely focused on preparing a defense to the DUI charges and other accusations she faces.

Traffic stop leads to arrest of 2 wanted on drug charges

Shortly after midnight on a recent Sunday morning, South Carolina troopers noticed a car driving erratically on U.S. 17 toward Georgetown. They followed the car and pulled the driver over -- not realizing that the occupants were wanted on drug charges. The driver allegedly said he did not have his driver's license with him; he provided a name but said he could not remember his Social Security number. He was asked to exit the car, and troopers claim they could smell alcohol on him. Officers also said they noticed the passenger trying to hide something, but he refused to answer their questions and managed to flee the scene.