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January 2014 Archives

South Carolina police department employee gets DUI charge

Driving under the influence is never a good idea. Alcohol impairs a person's driving and reflex abilities, which makes safely operating a vehicle more difficult. A recent traffic stop in South Carolina led to the arrest of a civilian employee who was allegedly DUI while driving her SUV.

South Carolina teen arrested for weapon and drug possession

Possessing controlled substances and weapons on school property is a crime. Most schools take these offenses very seriously and act on the situations immediately. One South Carolina school recently had a teenager arrested and charged with drug possession after a search of his personal belongings was performed.

Mother may face jail time for 2 South Carolina DUI deaths

Losing a child is understandably a devastating situation to be in. To have allegedly caused the death could be one of the hardest things to endure. A South Carolina mother will unfortunately have to live with the knowledge that she may be responsible for the death of her two children because of a DUI accident that happened just after the holidays.

Man accused of sex crimes arrested on warrant in South Carolina

Being convicted of any crime can be overwhelming and can force people to make some unwise decisions. However, running from the law could potentially make any current charges worse and could lead to additional time added to a possible prison sentence. A man was recently detained in South Carolina after apparently hiding from police once he was accused of sex crimes.

Clerk cited for South Carolina man driving under the influence

Operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol can get a driver in some serious trouble. This is especially true when there is an accident that occurs from driving under the influence. However, the driver is not the only person who can ultimately be charged with for something when it comes to an alcohol-related accident in South Carolina.