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June 2016 Archives

Why is it important to fight a first DUI charge?

If a South Carolina driver is suspected of driving while intoxicated, the potential consequences are significant. A conviction could result in fines, jail and the suspension of one's driver's license. It is not uncommon for people who are arrested on DUI charges to be unsure of what to expect and what steps to take without jeopardizing the case.

South Carolina man faces 11 child pornography charges

When South Carolina residents are accused of crimes, they may feel trapped by circumstances. If the alleged crimes involve child pornography charges, the outlook may be bleak. Prosecutors may not like to negotiate deals on these types of charges, and a conviction may lead to time behind bars and registration as a sex offender. Even if the charges are dropped or the jury acquits, the humiliation often remains.

UPS driver faces fraud and breach of trust charges

Sometimes an individual in South Carolina succumbs to temptation when given the chance to obtain money in a questionable manner. When circumstances at work present opportunities in which an employee can enrich him or herself, it may be difficult to resist. A UPS driver is currently facing fraud charges after he allegedly stole state lottery tickets. His friend, who is alleged to be part of the conspiracy, was also arrested.

Ex-baseball player faces federal drug charges

A former South Carolina college baseball player is accused of being a drug dealer. Along with a 28-year-old friend, the 27-year-old former athlete is facing federal drug charges. Both men reportedly pleaded guilty at a recent hearing. A U.S. District Court judge accepted the guilty pleas of both men. They were found to have conspired to possess and distribute marijuana and a drug known as Molly.