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April 2015 Archives

7 South Carolina drug dealers given second chance

Seven South Carolina individuals who were caught selling drugs on hidden cameras were reportedly offered a second chance. Instead of potentially being incarcerated, those who were interested were offered the opportunity to further their education and take advantage of job training with support from the local community of Conway and law enforcement officers.

Identity theft and the Internet in South Carolina

Identity theft involves obtaining another person's personal identifying information, such as their Social Security number or personal identification numbers, in order to gain some type of benefit. In most cases, the information is used to obtain access to money by the person who commits it. Often, this crime occurs over the Internet, using fraudulent phishing emails and hacking in order to access data.

South Carolina couple faces charges of criminal conspiracy

On March 31, a Charlotte couple accused of cheating homeowners out of $660,000 was arrested on seven charges, including criminal conspiracy and breach of trust. The husband and wife allegedly kept funds given to them for home building projects instead of providing this money to subcontractors. Many of the homes were not completed or were left incomplete.