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December 2018 Archives

Domestic violence charges are difficult to disprove

Violent crimes of any sort are vigorously investigated and prosecuted in South Carolina, and domestic violence charges are no exception. In fact, some contend an allegation of domestic violence garners more attention from law enforcement than other crimes because standard procedure typically involves an on the spot arrest. While the investigating officers look to the totality of the circumstances observed at the scene, often they primarily rely on an allegation made by the alleged victim as to what transpired. The allegation may not be entirely true.

Could participating in drug court help you avoid jail?

Nowadays, many of South Carolina’s jails and prisons are full of inmates who might otherwise not be there were it not for their drug addictions. Because of this overcrowding issue, and because so many state residents grapple with serious drug addictions, some offenders enroll in drug court programs, as opposed to serving time in jail or prison.

Contraband trafficking operation uncovered in South Carolina

South Carolina prison officials and the state's attorney general announced that they have uncovered a contraband trafficking operation taking place utilizing a number of methods and operations facilities. A law enforcement investigation into the matter turned up a variety of contraband items like illegal drugs, prescription medications, tobacco products and cellphones. Seventeen people, including inmates and their associates on the outside, have been indicted on a litany of crimes that add up to 106 charges in total.

How federal officials are fighting white collar crimes

Moving forward, the Justice Department will consider executive liability during every single federal investigation into corporate wrongdoing. This policy change became public during a Maryland conference on bribery and embezzlement. The new policy builds on the Obama administration's initiative to hold more individuals responsible for white-collar crime and insider trading. These announced changes may well affect the fate of criminal defendants in South Carolina.

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