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September 2013 Archives

Second suspect arrested in South Carolina for sex crimes

In America, in order to convict someone of a crime, sufficient evidence must be found against that person, and everyone is innocent until proved guilty. However, sometimes, police may act on evidence yet still arrest the wrong victim. A second South Carolina man has been arrested for sex crimes as well as other offenses after the first suspect was released.

Routine stop by South Carolina police lead to drug charges

Police are trained to handle every routine traffic stop they make the same. When approaching the vehicle, any observations that appear to be suspicious in nature can lead an officer to dig deeper into what the occupants of the car are doing. In a recent arrest of a South Carolina man on drug charges, police claim that the entire investigation began after they stopped the man for a minor traffic violation.

South Carolina police file drug charges against man after chase

A suspect running from police may indicate in some cases a guilty intent. However, just because a South Carolina police officer orders a suspect to stop, does not in all cases mean that the suspect has to comply with the officer's order. If there is no evidence to show that the suspect has committed a crime when the officer orders them to stop, the mere fact that they did not comply is not in itself considered a crime. However, there is significant gray area in this part of the law, which may need to be examined if a person was subsequently arrested on drug charges or other offenses.

South Carolina student: DUI felony for motorcycle-related crash

Driving under the influence (DUI) is a crime which affects many different people, especially when a vehicular homicide is involved. This is one of the main reasons DUI cases can be more complicated than one might assume: There are so many levels to consider that it takes deep knowledge of the law to understand how make sure justice is served for all sides. An example of a complex DUI event is the recent DUI charge against a South Carolina driver.