South Carolina police file drug charges against man after chase

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A suspect running from police may indicate in some cases a guilty intent. However, just because a South Carolina police officer orders a suspect to stop, does not in all cases mean that the suspect has to comply with the officer’s order. If there is no evidence to show that the suspect has committed a crime when the officer orders them to stop, the mere fact that they did not comply is not in itself considered a crime. However, there is significant gray area in this part of the law, which may need to be examined if a person was subsequently arrested on drug charges or other offenses.

A 28-year-old man was taken into custody after police allege he ran from them. For an unknown reason, police yelled at the man to stop running down a street. When the man failed to comply, police pursued the man.

The man is alleged to have thrown two bags while he was running. Both were recovered by police, who claim that they possessed marijuana and cocaine. The man was subsequently arrested and now faces several drug charges. He is currently being held in a local jail.

Absent from this report is any evidence that supports why South Carolina police ordered the man to initially stop. Although this evidence may be disclosed after the man makes his initial appearance on the drug charges he now faces, there may still be considerable questions even after a further disclosure of evidence is made. As a result, it may be a crucial piece of the man’s defense to look at the conduct of the officers and determine whether it in fact complied with the state and federal Constitutions when they made their initial stop order.

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