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November 2013 Archives

DWI leads to charges filed against South Carolina man

Alcohol is a legal substance, but the abuse of this beverage can lead to severe consequences. Driving under the influence of alcohol is not only hazardous to the well-being of the driver and others, but it is also against the law. A South Carolina man recently found out just how a DWI charge can impact his life.

Man accused of sex crimes faces serious criminal charges

When an individual is accused of a serious crime, a chain reaction often is set into motion. Long before the matter reaches a court of law, news of the arrest and details of the alleged crime are often widely reported by the media. This often includes the name and photo of the alleged perpetrator. The next step is often a loss of employment, and in many cases the wrath of a community. For one South Carolina man who has been accused of sex crimes, these events may already begun.

South Carolina man arrested and accused of sex crimes

An alleged sex offender was ordered to remain in jail last Wednesday, Oct. 16. He was arrested on allegations that he was holding a woman in his home captive for a total of three months. Further allegations state that the South Carolina man assaulted her sexually on multiple times throughout the day. He was arrested and charged with sex crimes and other criminal violations a result of those allegations.

Drunk driving charges filed against South Carolina woman

It is possible to consume alcohol and not be impaired. However, if an accident occurs and there is alcohol on the breath of the driver, the assumption could be made by the police that the driver was intoxicated. That same driver could then end up facing drunk driving charges.

Guilty pleas common in white collar crimes case

When a South Carolina community learns of an alleged act of financially motivated, non-violent crime, the response can be severe. This is especially true in cases in which people in positions of trust are accused of white collar crimes. Such is the case in the recent report of three individuals who have made the decision to enter guilty pleas in response to charges of bank fraud and conspiracy.

Drug charges brought against 40 men and women in drug sweep

Drug dragnets are sometimes too widely cast and if so, are almost certain to contain some inappropriate, mistaken or unsupported arrests. Part of the problem is that in South Carolina and elsewhere when several agencies work on a multi-volume drug sweep the paper work and coordination is diverse and efforts are not always completely attuned. Recently, authorities announced a sweep in one South Carolina county where 40 men and women were arrested on drug charges.

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